But Don't know how to get them?

Let Me Guide You! Many of My Clients took Their Business to the NEXT Level by Following this Simple Method!
I Help Businesses To get more customers So That They Can run their business with Ease And do it with Confidence.  

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Your Prospects

Aren't converting into Customers?


Does This Sound Like You?

You have been working really hard in TRYING to get leads. You created so much beautifully looking Content. You spent a Fortune on Ads, and you are STILL struggling in getting more Customers. You are NOT Alone. Many of My Clients felt that way before too.

  • Do you feel like... Marketing is too difficult to GRASP?
  • Does it seem... like You keep hitting a roadblock after a roadblock?
  • Are you frustrated that... Your Competition is beating You? 
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  still feel stuck in trying to get MORE Customers.
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Hi, I am Joana

I am Your Business and Marketing Coach. For the last 6 years I have been helping Small Business Owners Take their Business To the NEXT Level.

My Clients come to me asking 'How Do I make more money?' And for some reason they think that they need to get more leads... Regards generating more leads it comes down to 2 simple Things: 

1) Are You sending the RIGHT Message at the RIGHT Time?
2) Are You putting THAT Message in front of the RIGHT Person? 

But... do you know that there are more ways to increase Your Profits?  Maybe You should increase Prices? Maybe You should focus on perfecting Your High End Offer and putting it in front Your Ideal Client? Why don't You let me do a business assessment for You to see what's the best way to grow Your Business?

Joana is an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine

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What My Clients Say About working with Me

Testimonial 3:  John shares How Video Marketing helped his business grow. His Youtube Channel positioned him as an Expert of Gardening not just in Ireland.

John Lord, Ratoath Garden Centre

Testimonial 2: Hugh McGuire shares his thoughts on what was it like working together. Blogging, creating inspiring stories and finding ways to relate to a younger customer base

Hugh McGuire Butchers

Testimonial 3: Ramunas, the owner of a dental Clinic shares how our set Marketing Strategy helped him to achieve his financial goals.

Ramunas Reklaitis, Ashbourne Dental and Medical

Testimonial 4: Rowena, who owns a Mental Health Clinic shares how she learned to push herself outside her Comfort Zones.

Rowena Arkesteijn

Testimonial 5:  Karin, who runs Yoga retreats in Italy and workshops around Europe shares her experience of working with me.

Karin Montali, Yoga Con Karin 

Testimonial 6:  Ece, a solopreneur from Canada who makes amazing floral arrangements shares how she thought to think outside the box when acquiring customers.
Ece Gonul, High Dry Flowers


Work with Me...

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7 Steps to Create IRRESISTIBLE OFFERS Mini Course

Want to monetise Your Audience? Then start with a Clear & Irresistible Offer!

Have You been building an Audience or a List? Secretly hoping that if I keep sharing Content they will just WANT to buy what I sell? My prospects will just message me asking about my services...But that is not how the REAL World works... You need a Strong & Irresistible Offer!

In this Mini Course, You will get:

  • ​​11 Instructional Video Tutorials that takes You step by step through the whole process
  • Plenty of Examples from different niches to see that the Framework works for ANY niche
  • 33 Page Workbook where You can watch a video and do an exercise to apply what you just learned.
  • BONUS: Welcome E-mail Sequence Framework
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Let's Design Your Digital Marketing Strategy Together

Have You been hustling around? Trying every new strategy/tactic out there but still getting no results? You probably feel so exhausted after doing so many courses, watching so many youtube tutorials but you are still NOT sure if You are on the RIGHT Path...
Let me help You by taking a helicopter view at Your Business & designing a Strategy that suits You & will help Your Business grow:

  • ​How to create an effective Online Presence, that attracts the RIGHT Clients to You.
  • The Right Strategy for Your Personality, so You can continue Your Social Media Journey with Confidence.
  • Step by Step Plan of Execution for the Next 90 days to increase Your Revenue.​
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One on One Business Coaching via Zoom

Want to take Your Business to the Next Level but don't know how? Let's do a business assessment and see what's the best way grow your business?

So where I come in – I help entrepreneurs 'extract their essence' & artfully package it for the world to witness the authentic and remarkable 'You.'

In this Coaching, we would go through:

  • Design a Strategy that is the best way to grow Your Business, so you can follow the Path that aligns with Your Soul.
  • Revise Your Website/Social Media, and work on Your Messaging, so You do have an irresistible offer.
  • How to simplify and automate Your Business, running a business is not meant to be hard, especially when You follow the RIGHT Strategy.


How do you know if your strategy works?

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