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The Right Strategy

How do you know that the strategy you are implementing is working?

Well, in a nutshell 'are you getting results?'

And this is where it gets a bit slippery...

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You see RESULTS aren't just about customers & 'cash in' right now at this particular moment.

Strategy is not a tactic.

A Strategy consists of many tactics.

So Advertising, Special Offers are tactics but not a strategy.

Too many business owners are getting lost in small actions (tactics) they take every day and call it a strategy.

And complain it's not working.

Don't be that business owner please.

Have a strategy and 'see the wood for the trees'.

A strategy consists of many tactical steps that you take to achieve your Big Goal.

I shared a case study with you a while back about a Tile Shop that generated 30K with one FB Ad?

You see, it wasn't that particular Ad that we ran for a few days that brought the results in, even though the leads came in from that particular Ad.

The reason why my client was able to get that 30K with a single Ad was because what happened 6 weeks prior to that Ad.

Every single week we were building his BRAND, positioning him as an AUTHORITY in his field.

We did it by simply answering most 'burning' questions of customers who came in to his showroom.

And the Ad that generated 30K was the Biggest Question that his customers had.

People who responded to this Ad were customers who became his fans in the last few weeks.

His fans became familiar with him.

Remember on average a person needs to see your Offer 8-12 times before they make a buying decision?

That was a part of a strategy.

Now imagine my client gave up 1-2 weeks in when he didn't get the results he desired?

Imagine he gave up after the first 3 videos? 🙈

So to answer the question 'How do you know if your strategy is working (assuming that you have the right strategy)?

Measure Your Progress

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Are you building an army of fans?

Are your prospects getting familiar with You?

Are you 'hooking them up' with your content?

Do they ask you questions?

If you started a new strategy you can't just give up 2-3 weeks in.

That's one of the reasons why many businesses fail.

They either didn't give a proper 'go' or they were sticking for too long with what didn't work.

But the latter is a topic of it's own.

Hope this helps.

I have been talking to too many entrepreneurs lately 'that are throwing a towel' too quickly...

Don't be that person.

Get help if you have to (now when I typed it, it sounds a bit wrong... but you know what I mean 😉)

I believe in you! You can do it!

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