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The Power of Prosperous Thinking

Somebody recommended this book to me 'The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity' by Catherine Ponder.

And after a few pages I got retrained in my mind on how to solve problems.

Or I should say I was reminded on how to do it more effectively...😊

If You are in business of providing services you probably are familiar with this scenario.

You sit with Your Client and decide on what steps to take NEXT.

You think ALL is well, and set in stone.

Until the Next Meeting a week later.

When Your Client starts telling you WHY they shouldn't follow up on this strategy...

And You are like 'What just happened?'

Last week they were ALL into it, they appreciated Your Professional Opinion and etc.

But something has changed in the Last 7 days.

What is it?

There is 2 things to consider in this situation.

Well, on a mental level a Sales Coach would tell you 'You need to work better on selling Your Idea & etc'

And if You are new in Sales, this might be the case.

Or if You do have many clients changing their mind on you then definitely go and get some sales training.

But if this happens once in a blue moon that means that Your Client is living in a LACK mindset.

And there is nothing You can do about it.

I personally let them go if they don't shift their state..

Because in the Long run they might COST You a lot on Your Own Your Self Confidence.

Meaning, they are NOT ready to take their business to the NEXT Level.

And You can't help people who are NOT ready to be helped.

They will tell You they are.


In reality they will question every single idea of Yours, they will gather 'evidence' why it wouldn't work for them, and make a lot of excuses why they shouldn't do it.

When certain individuals question You a LOT they are NOT sure of themselves.

They do need to work on getting centred, and confident and sure of themselves first.

This is a Yoga Teacher in me making those observations.

Unless Your Job is to build those things in people then great go for it.

Otherwise, soon You will become a person who is questioning everything.

Well, how is this related to Prosperous Thinking?

It's simple.

You either live in a lack mindset (where nothing is going to work for you), or you do live in a prosperous mindset.

And I can guarantee at some stage in Your Life You were that 'difficult client' yourself to somebody else 😊

I believe that You take Your Business to the Next Level when You are READY to go to the NEXT Level Yourself.

Because when You do You naturally live in a prosperous and abundant mindset.

No matter what You touch, it turns into gold...😊

And it's because You believe in it!

So how do You switch from a lack mindset into a prosperous mindset?

Take Your Mind of the Problem and relax.

Do something You enjoy.

I personally do yoga or go swimming to the sea in summer, or go for a long walk.

Or just take a day off and really enjoy THAT day.

Once You become relaxed, you become more centred and ideas start flowing to you.

Then You naturally start taking inspired actions.

And most importantly once You acknowledge that 'ok I am/was in a lack mindset.' you can start shifting.

You can start retraining Your Mind by reading books like 'The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity' or 'Think and Grow Rich' or 'The Greatest Secret'...

And You thinking will change.

You will start expecting the best.

You will become Happier.

And You will become Magnetic.

And when You are magnetic Your Problems Solve themselves, and You attract Opportunities into Your Life naturally.

I know it sounds simple, but it's the Truth..

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