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What happens if I fail by putting myself out-there?

...but what happens if You succeed?

Yesterday somebody who has over 14k followers (real followers) on one of their Social Media Accounts told me:

'I am afraid to put myself out-here...

I don't want to be judged...

What if I fail?'

My answer was:

'...but what if You DO succeed?

How many Lives could You touch by sharing Your Message?'

This lady has an idea what she would like to do, she is an expert at what she does.

But Her Profile picture is just few letters no real person face.

And I get it.

I was there too not that long ago...😊

But now I am putting more and more videos on LinkedIn.

I am just going for it.

And I don't give 'a flying f***' what people think about it. (You kind of need to be Irish to get this phrase...😉)

Who is going to judge You?

Usually, it's people who never posted a single video.

But do you really want to hang out with them?

No, so why do You care what they think about You?

I do think You have to be ready to go ALL in with Your Business to put Yourself out-there.

So 'how do You get ready'?

You get ready by understanding WHY you want to do it?

Meaning, WHY do You want to succeed?

Is there a message You want to share with the World?

Will it make an impact?

Do You want to make an Impact?

What's the legacy You want to leave?

I know this is a bit deep...

But it's only a small shift You need to make to step into this.

Change happens instantaneously.

But to get ready to make that change might take You years...😉

If You do have a message to share with the World that is going to change People's lives...

Don't be selfish!

Share it!

It's Your Moral obligation to do so..🤩

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